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After being summoned to a place where darkness reigns, Spark finds himself to be the last light of hope to discover the reason of his own existence. Survive the hostile landscapes in a world full of Mystery while collecting memory shards That may reveal the truth behind Spark's story.



This is a early version of the game and does not represent the final product. Please leave us your feedback and help us improve the game.



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[Alpha v0.0.2] Epiphany - Windows.zip 118 MB
[Alpha v0.0.2] Epiphany - Mac.zip 134 MB
[Alpha v0.0.2] Epiphany - Linux.zip 134 MB

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Ok, so I've got some feedback for you. The first thing which stands out about this game is the music. I mean WOW! I was compelled to stop at the menu screen and just pause and listen to the music before playing. This reminded me of old school RPGs that do the same thing. This was beautifully done on your part, and helped me to remain engaged in the game. The awesome music continued into the gameplay portion of the game, which also helped to keep me further engaged. The abilities are great and fun to use. The only problem was exploration. I didn't enjoy looking for crystals at all. In fact, I enjoyed the combat much more. I would love to engage with more enemies and forget about finding crystals. Or rather, I wouldn't mind looking for crystals so much if it wasn't so annoying to do so. That's really why I quit - the crystal part was annoying. But anyway, you have done a masterful job with the music and creating a sense of atmosphere. I also love the unique character model and abilities. 

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I had quite a bit of fun playing this. The main mechanics are quite fun, the combat is intuitive and interesting. The art style is unique and quite eye catching, really like the visual effects. I did saw some problems with the game in it's current state, I know this is still in alpha but here are my thoughts.

-Looking for crystals is quite annoying after a while. Since the map is procedurally
generated and there isn't really specific features. It's hard to remember where
you went and not.
-The "action" part seems a bit slow. This might be fixed in later levels, or with the
dodge. But the character shoots and walks quite slowly. Maybe increasing this
a bit could help.
-When enemies are too close you can't really shoot them and since you walk
quite slowly it's hard to run away from them.

Apart from those things, I had a great time playing this, hope you get trough greenlight!

Quite the enjoyable little gem you're making! Keep it up <3



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funnest 2d game ive played in a long time

lightning1290, thanks for playing the game and yes, we know the game is hard at the moment and we're working on fix for the alpha version. Also, stay tuned for our upcoming devlog, we're going to talk about new features for the game and more! Thanks again :)


Hey there, that was a fun game I really enjoyed it, when the full version is released I would love to come and play it again.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Fellowplayer!! Thanks for playing the game on your channel, feel free to leave suggestions that may improve the game, we're also going to release a devlog today or tomorrow to talk about the features we are planning for the game and more! Stay tuned and share with your friends! Thanks again :)

Thank you, I did love the game and its something I do not usually see. I do not know your plans for the full version but I do need the dodge :)

Noted hahaha